About Chaksarn

Chaksarn is a brand of handbags combining traditional Thai materials with genuine leather to create style and uniqueness. High-quality leather is beautifully enhanced by adding hand dyed and woven natural water sedge mat. Traditional patterns add an individual touch and exclusive style to our fashion handbags. The word "chaksarn" means weaving or wicker in Thai. 

Chaksarn was born from the founder’s passion for and commitment to the local art of weaving, an important part of centuries-old Thai culture. The passion developed from the fascination with the simple beauty and refinement of the works created by villagers. The commitment came from the desire to preserve and make it available to the modern world. 

Chaksarn Founder and CEO

From the Founder

My name is Jirawat Mahasarn and I am the founder of Chaksarn. Having been born in Isaan, the North-eastern region of Thailand I have had a life-long connection with the local art. I grew up in a small village where almost every household makes silk for everyday and ceremonial use. Villagers weave mats from water sedge and other materials available in the area. This is a big part of Isaan’s culture, one which I am particularly proud of. But in a world of mass production and multinational corporations, how long will it live on? Chaksarn is my way of sharing my passion and pride with you and trying to preserve what is dear to me by taking it to a new level. 

Although still widely present throughout Thailand, weaving is increasingly becoming a hobby of the older generation of Thais. Most of the pieces are made as decorative souvenirs for household use rather than for sale. There are very few remaining artisans who practice weaving as a full time trade and even fewer who have adapted to the realities of the global market. With the modernisation of Thailand there is a very real prospect of this uniquely beautiful form of art will be rare within a generation. 

My mission is to give centuries-old traditional Thai weaving a new lease of life by incorporating the hand-woven materials with good design to create beautiful and stylish fashion pieces. 

Chaksarn is committed to quality, exquisite workmanship, and stylish designs. All materials are hand-woven by villagers from small local communities. Our accomplished craftsmen then skilfully marry them with high quality leather. Our business supports the local villagers and promotes Thai culture and its viability for future generations.

If you have any questions or comments, please don't hesitate to contact me.


Thank you,


Jirawat Mahasarn (Tum)

Founder & CEO